Kitten Prices

My kittens are raised to the highest standards with no expense spared. They are born and raised within our family home and are fed the highest quality of wet and dry cat food. My kittens are GCCF registered and leave me when they are at least 13 weeks old. They are weaned and litter trained, fully vaccinated and wormed and come with a comprehensive kitten pack, 4 weeks insurance and a lifetime of support. Mum can always be seen with her kittens and usually you can meet Dad too.

Kittens are only reserved once a deposit of £100 per kitten has been accepted. 


Snowshoe kittens are available to pet and show homes (not for breeding) at the following price:

Male or Female pet/show Snowshoe kitten – £950

Male or Female active registered (for breeding) Snowshoe kitten – £1000

All pet/show kittens will be registered on the non-active register and must not be bred from.
Show success can never be guaranteed, but I am happy to advise on the show potential of any kittens available. However, a Judge’s opinion may differ and I cannot be held responsible if a kitten/cat fails to achieve their potential. 

I am happy to discuss my kittens going to good, responsible breeding homes and will support new breeders. 

Breeding prices for a female breeding kitten/cat are – 
£1000 for a colourpoint, harlequin or early generation girl kitten (can’t be shown) 
£1000 for a Mitted or Bi-colour show/breed girl kitten 
£1000 for a Preferred pattern show/breed girl kitten. 

Breeding prices for a male breeding kitten/cat are –
£1000 for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation or colourpoint or harlequin kitten (can’t be shown)
£1000 for a mitted/bi-colour male show/breed male kitten
£1000 for a Preferred pattern male show/breed kitten. 

Active price includes a certificate of entirety for boys.  Only kittens that I consider suitable will be placed on the active register and I will only allow a kitten to go for breeding if I am confident in the new home. New breeders are welcome to contact me and ongoing support will be given to cats/kittens who leave on the active register. I do ask that entire cats do not change homes/owners without my permission.  Please email me if you have further questions.


My kittens have gone to live in Europe and the USA, as well as all over the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland. Since Brexit and during the Covid-19 pandemic I am reluctant to export. However, I will discuss the possibility with ethical parties who understand the implications and are prepared to arrange transport/additional requirements ie rabies and the animal health certificate themselves.

Older Cats

On some occasions I have ex-breeding cats who would be better suited to a pet home, rather than a multi-cat household such as mine. Please contact me if you can offer a loving home to one of my adult cats. In all circumstances the cats will be neutered or spayed before they leave here.  I ask for £250 donation for an adult cat that is going to a pet or show home.