The Girls


Champion Sapphirestar Hocus-Pocus – Seal point preferred pattern girl 

Winne is a livewire and a cat with a solution to every problem. She is a very clever girl and a sweet, cuddly kitten. Winnie is a lovely mix of USA, Italian and new and old UK lines. Mum is the beautiful Wednesday and Dad is my gorgeous Triple Champion and Regional Winner Mateo.  Winnie carries chocolate so is staying here to bring chocolate to a new generation. Best of Breed Snowshoe kitten at the GCCF celebration show August 2021. Quite enjoys being shown and made Champion at the Snowshoe show in July 2023.
PKD and PRA normal by heritage.
Mother to Champion Benjie. Kittens born April 2024


Manchado Sapphirestar – Chocolate point Siamese girl

Mimi is a very outgoing girl, the definition of a velcro cat! She is so pretty and a good size for a a Siamese. As she is an old style Siamese – traditional type – she has brought new lines and genetic diversity to the Snowshoe gene pool.
PRA normal.
Mother to Cheryl

Mimi top, Sadie bottom


Champion Sapphirestar Rhapsody-In-Blue – Blue point preferred pattern Snowshoe girl

Sadie is a very pretty little girl, true to type and size and with the outgoing Snowshoe personality. She is a busy girl like her Mum Nova and is very people centred like her Dad, Grand-Champion Sapphirestar King-Of-Diamonds. Born Spring 2022 she is staying to carry on Mum and Dad’s lines. Sadie is fantastic type and has super eye colour and coat texture.
PKD and PRA normal. Shown with both TICA and GCCF. Sadie is the most wonderful Mum, raising 6 huge kittens in her first litter.
Mother to Vegas – Kittens born March 2024

Sadie at the front, Mimi behind


Champion Sapphirestar Satine – Seal point preferred pattern Snowshoe girl

Satine is a nice big girl, very pretty and looks like she will have a look of her Triple Grand Champion Dad Envy with his blue eyes and a decent depth of coat. Satine is a chilled out little lady and is very independent. She had a great day out with Tabitha on the Snowshoe Cat Society stand the Supreme Cat Show meet the cats, October 2022. Satine quickly earned her Champion title and was Best in Show adult at the Snowshoe show 2023.
Kittens born April 2024

Photo credit – Clive Gidney

Photo credit – Clive Gidney


Adiktiv Rhian – blue bi-colour British Shorthair girl

Gracie is as Gracie does! A typical BSH sass pot. Gracie does what Gracie wants and Gracie likes people not Snowshoes at the moment. So Gracie chooses who her friends are and who are we to argue! A stunning girl who will hopefully mix with our other cats eventually!

Gracie is developing super BSH type with her stunning eye colour, dense coat, tiny ears and and cobby face, whilst maintaining a healthy eye set, nose leather and airway. She is DNA tested clear for PKD, ALPs and 39 other conditions – blood group B.

Bee is a very sweet girl. Nice and easy going without too much drama. She has great type, super eye colour and a coat to adore. Bea is a cheerful little person, taking after her wonderful parents Saffron and Olaf. She takes everything in her stride, wooing the crowds on Meet the Cats at the Supreme Cat Show, winning her first Champion Certificate at just 9 months old and making Champion at 10 months old.
Born June 2023.


Sapphirestar X-Factor – Chocolate point mitted Snowshoe girl

Cheryl is a lovely kitten with a quick mind, she was the ring leader of her litter and her found her voice very early, so will likely be a talker. Cheryl is a big kitten, she is 1st generation Snowshoe as her Mum is the lovely Siamese Mimi, though she is much more like her Snowshoe Dad, Grand Champion Sapphirestar Nemo. Born on the same day as Fluff 30/08/2023.


Sapphirestar You’re The One – Chocolate tabby point preferred pattern Snowshoe girl

A long period of hand feeding has meant that this little girl is going nowhere. She has made such a close bond that she will be staying here and running the house in no time I am sure!
3rd generation Snowshoe Fluff was what she was called from a tiny kitten when she was little more than a white ball of fluff. She is now a lovely big kitten with an appetite to match and the most outgoing, confident temperament you could ask for. Fluff is a credit to her Mum Tabitha and Dad Grand-Champion Nemo. Born on the same day as Cheryl 30/08/2023