The Girls


1CC Sapphirestar Nova Scotia – Seal tabby point mitted girl

Nova is a very pretty seal tabby with perfect white mittens. Nova is big and bouncy with an intelligent look to her and the deepest blue eyes. 
Her Mum Cameo is an Imperial Grand Premier and Dad Hercules is a Grand Champion. Nova had a red card day at her first show at just 3 months old in the pedigree pet section. Nova was shown in pedigree classes in 2022, she was awarded a Champion Certificate, but was not very impressed with the whole showing game. PKD and PRA negative. 3rd generation from BSH lines. Kittens born April 2022.


Champion Sapphirestar Serendipity -Blue point preferred pattern girl

Seren is a lovely big girl, very pretty and a super patterned Snowshoe. Seren carries Cinnamon from her Mum Rio, so has stayed to carry on those lines. Her Dad is the fantastic Champion Southpole Jack Daniels who came to me from the USA. Seren won first and BOB at her first show. She was awarded a challenge certificate at the Supreme Cat show 2019.  Seren is now a Champion herself and is the mother of Double Grand Champion Sapphirestar Arabella.
Seren is a clever girl. undemonstrative and a very easy cat to live with, though she is chatty. She has been an absolutely super Mum to her kittens. Seren has been spayed May 2022.
Fully health tested – PKD and PRA negative. Microchipped and vaccinated July 2022.

Mum to Spencer-Simon and Nemo – Spayed May 2022 – available now £300


Sapphirestar Yippee – Seal classic pattern girl

Saffron is fiesty girl, she is very playful, busy and independent. She has a white dot on her face and lovely mittens. 1st in her first show and she really enjoyed the cuddles with the Judges. Saffron is a full register (CS) Snowshoe meaning that she has a highly desirable pedigree and with only 5% inbreeding and a Champion USA import father she is a valuable addition to the Snowshoe lines.
PKD and PRA normal.

Mother to Leibling – kittens born June 2022


Haylana Choccywoccydoodah – Chocolate bi-colour British Shorthair girl

Coco is such a stunningly beautiful girl with her striking orange eyes. She has come to us from the Haylana cattery and we thank Nicola very much for her.  Coco is a lovely friendly, outgoing girl with a mind of her own. She has captivated us all since her arrival.
Coco carries colourpoint and cinnamon and has brought genetic diversity to my Snowshoe lines. She loves to be with people. Microchipped and vaccinated July 2022
Health tested – PKD normal. – Spayed July 2022 – available £350

Mum to Wispa, Dotty and Quasar


Sapphirestar Fancy – Lilac point mitted girl 

Fancy is a very pretty girl who is a very busy kitten and is into everything. She is staying here to carry on the mix of heritage UK and USA lines. Mum is the lovely Melody and Dad is my lilac tabby boy Buzz.  Fancy carries chocolate and her coat is a lovely clear colour. Her genes, as well as her diverse heritage/outcross/import pedigree make her invaluable to the Snowshoe lines.
PKD and PRA normal by heritage. Mum to Olaf.


1cc Sapphirestar Hocus-Pocus – Seal point preferred pattern girl 

Winne is a livewire and a kitten with a solution to every problem. She is a very clever girl and a sweet, cuddly kitten. Winnie is a lovely mix of USA, Italian and new and old UK lines. Mum is the beautiful Wednesday and Dad is my gorgeous show patterned boy Mateo.  Winnie carries chocolate so is staying here to be a friend for Fancy. Best of Breed Snowshoe kitten at the GCCF celebration show August 2021. Quite enjoys being shown and has 1cc to date.
PKD and PRA normal by heritage.


Sapphirestar Milky-Way – Chocolate tabby bi-colour girl 

Dotty is a charming and very striking looking kitten, she is a gentle character and loves to play with the other kittens. Mum is Coco and Dad is my sweetheart Buzz.  Dotty is chocolate so is staying here, she can’t be shown due to her lack of the colourpoint gene, but I love her golden eyes and wouldn’t change her for the world.
PKD and PRA normal by heritage. Kittens born June 2022


Sapphirestar Wispa – chocolate tabby point bi-colour girl

Wispa is a very pretty big girl, she is a solid, cobby type, true to her BSH roots and has a super dense coat and the prettiest face. Wispa is a total sun lover and won’t move away from the radiators in the winter. Wispa has her Mum Coco’s build and strong mindedness and her Dad Buzz’s looks. She does take her time getting to know new people, but has a lot of love to give once she knows you. PKD and PRA negative by DNA tested heritage.

Spayed July 2022 – available £150.


Sapphirestar L’Amour – Seal preferred pattern girl

A lovely big seal point preferred pattern girl with super blue eyes. Leibling is 5th generation and carries chocolate. Mum is Saffron (Sapphirestar Yippee) and Dad is my gorgeous Champion Sapphirestar Buzz Lightyear. Leibling is a stocky and true to type Snowshoe with a fantastic coat. A pretty girl with her Dad’s facial pattern. Leibling is a heavily shaded kitten, which makes her pattern very pronounced. A happy, chatty kitten who loves her food. Leibling won Best in Show kitten in the Snowshoe Cat Society show 2022.
PKD and PRA normal.

Best Kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society show 2022


Manchado Sapphirestar – Chocolate point Siamese girl

Mimi is a very outgoing kitten, the definition of a velcro cat! She is so pretty and a good size for a a Siamese. As she is an old style Siamese – traditional type – I am hoping that she will bring new lines and genetic diversity to the Snowshoe gene pool.
PRA normal.

Mimi top, Sadie bottom


Sapphirestar Rhapsody-In-Blue – Blue point preferred pattern Snowshoe girl

Sadie is a very pretty little girl, true to type and size and with the outgoing Snowshoe personality. She is a busy girl like her Mum Nova and is very people centered like her Dad, Champion Sapphirestar King-Of-Diamonds. Born Spring 2022, she is staying to show in the future.
PKD and PRA normal.