Retired Cats

Sapphirestar Miss Monroe

Champion Sapphirestar Buzz Lightyear

Lilac tabby point bi-colour
4th generation from outcross lines. 
A friendly, outgoing big boy who loves a cuddle. PKD & PRA normal. All Buzz’s kittens carry dilute and chocolate many are tabbies. Best of Breed adult Snowshoe at the GCCF celebration show August 2021.

Father of Fancy, Wispa, Dotty and Leibling – plus kittens born November 2021
Born August ’2019, neutered November 2021

Buzz and his daughter Dotty


Sapphirestar Utopia – Seal bi-colour girl

A very pretty seal bi-colour girl with super blue eyes. Pia is 4th generation and carries chocolate. Mum is May (Champion Icedmocha Princess) and Dad is the stunning Monty (Sapphirestar Maverick). Pia is a very confident outgoing girl, into everything, just as they should be and with a very loud voice!
PKD and PRA normal. Pia is now spayed and has been rehomed.

Mother of Jenga

Sapphirestar Xiao-Meow

Seal point preferred pattern Snowshoe

Mateo is a stunning preferred pattern boy. He is a genuine sweetheart with a super bond with his people and a clever mind. Mateo is a chatty boy and likes to be involved in everything. He is from Italian and outcross lines as his Mum is Demetra and his Dad the lovely big boy Adonis. Mateo won Best in Show kitten at the Snowshoe show 2020. PKD & PRA normal. Father of Jenga and Winnie. Now at least a champion after a very successful weekend showing with TICA.

Demetra Del Doge

Seal point preferred pattern Snowshoe

Demi is a stunning seal show pattern girl. She came to us from the Del Doge cattery in Italy.  Demi is of very good Snowshoe type and is a lovely confident girl. 
Demi is 6th generation Italian import and has been a super Mum to her kittens.
Many thanks to Alvise for letting her come to live here. Now retired and living in her new home.
PRA and PKD normal.
Mum to Mateo. 

Champion Southpole Jack Daniels

Seal preferred pattern Snowshoe
Jackie is the most stunning Snowshoe from the world renowned Southpole cattery. 
He is a gentle boy with a friendly character. He loves his cuddles and is a sweetheart, as well as of super type. 
Jackie was born in April 2011, he made Champion in Jan 2020.  
4th generation, he carries blue and is dual registered GCCF and TICA. PRA and PKD normal.

Now with another UK breeder.
Huge thanks to Dawn Minicozzi for enabling me to have Jackie. Father of Wednesday, Seren, Melody & Saffron, Grandfather of Fancy, Winnie, Spencer Simon and Leibling

Sapphirestar Vortex – Dexter

Seal colourpoint

Dexter is a pretty 4th generation boy, very playful and into everything. A busy boy with a happy outlook on life. Dexter has super blue eyes and carries cinnamon and dilute, so he is staying here. Dexter really enjoyed meeting the public at meet the cats at the Supreme cat show 2019. He likes his food so tends to look a bit chunky, but he is a super type. PKD & PRA normal. Now retired and rehomed.
Father of Envy

Sapphirestar Your Majesty – Melody

Seal point preffered pattern

Melody is a pretty girl with super type. Her one kitten has carried on the mix of heritage UK and USA lines. Mum is the lovely Icegems Ariel and Dad is Champion Southpole Jack Daniels.  Melody had a red card day at the Snowshoe Cat Society show 2020.
PKD and PRA normal. Now retired and living in her new home.
Mother of Fancy

Grand-Champion Sapphirestar Oberon

Seal point preferred pattern
Oberon is a stunning boy with a sweet, gentle personality. He is very playful and prefers people on a one to one basis. Oberon is 4th generation and of very good type. 1st and BOB at Supreme show 2018 & 2019. Best in show Adult at Snowshoe show 2020. Grand Champion before his 2nd birthday.
He has a super pattern and is big chunky boy as he does eat well. Mum May is a Champion Snowshoe, Dad is the very outgoing GMC Indy. PRA/PKD negative. Now neutered after 8 litters and living next door to us as a much loved pet. Grandfather of Spencer-Simon.


Icegems Ariel 
Seal preferred pattern girl

Ariel is a big girl with a bigger personality. She is a super seal point show pattern girl with fantastic blue eyes.  She is 3rd generation descended from a Siamese line and has a Grand Champion Snowshoe mother. 
Ariel has had one litter and is now retired and living with her breeder.
Mum to Melody and Saffron, Grandma to Fancy.


Sapphirestar Olympia 
Blue colourpoint point girl 
Rio is a very sweet little girl. She looks similar to an Old style Siamese, like her Mum Xena. Although she has no white markings, Rio has super blue eye colour and carries cinnamon. 
Rio is third generation Snowshoe, her Dad is the Champion Snowshoe Destrier Cairo. Rio is a super friendly lap cat. She is clever and very affectionate. 
PRA and PKD negative by DNA test & heritage. Now rehomed.
Mother of Seren and Buzz. Grandmother of Dexter, Mateo and Envy.