Stud Boys

Grand Champion Sapphirestar Nemo

Cinnamon point preferred pattern boy

A laid back boy who loves to roll on his back for a tummy rub. Nemo is of super type and such a pretty boy. He is 5th generation Snowshoe with two titled parents both of whom are intelligent, super cuddly and outgoing.
Staying here to be shown and be a stud boy for the future. His triple Grand Champion Dad loved to be shown and Nemo is doing very well too, making Champion in his first 3 adult shows and to Grand Champion in 3 straight shows too. Mum Seren is clever and undemonstrative with a serene calmness that makes her a joy to live with. Nemo was awarded his first cc at the Coventry and Leicester show a day after his first birthday, made up to Grand Champion by August 2023.

PKD/PRA normal. Born February 2022, open stud £450. Kittens born May 2023.

Destrier Zebedee

Seal point preferred pattern boy

Zebedee is a lovely big 2nd generation Snowshoe boy from Siamese lines. Zebedee is an experienced stud boy who has come to bring his heritage lines to our cattery. It is lovely to see some of the older lines again in his pedigree, along with some super Siamese outcross cats. Zebedee is a big chunky boy and a real soppy soul.

Limited stud

Sapphirestar Quasar

Chocolate point preferred pattern boy

Quasar is a lovely big chunky 1st generation Snowshoe. If boys were allowed to be “pretty” then pretty he would be. His Mum is the lovely BSH Coco and Dad is Jenga, who is a very good example of a Snowshoe.
Quasar is a clever boy, he likes his dinners and is a sweet character. He does have a strong voice and likes to shout if he thinks you are not listening to him though!

First litter of beautiful seal point show pattern kittens born March 2023. Father to Bengie

PKD/PRA normal. Born April 2022. Limited stud £300.

Sapphirestar Up-To-No-Good

Bengie – Seal point preferred pattern boy

Winnie’s son Bengie is a very pretty boy of good show pattern who always has a smile on his face. He is a sweet, undemanding kitten who is very chilled and happy to go along with whatever anyone else is doing. Bengie is staying here to be shown and hopefully to take over stud duties from his Dad Sapphirestar Quasar when he is older. Bengie won Best in Show kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show 2023.
PRA/PKD normal. Born March 2023. Closed stud

Photo credit to Clive Gidney
Kitten at the bottom

Sapphirestar Viva-Las-Vegas

Seal point preferred pattern boy

The biggest of Sadie’s boys and a very pretty show patterned kitten. He seems to be determined to be a fully grown tiger and he is always play fighting with his brothers. At heart he is a Mummy’s boy though. Staying here as he won me over and I just couldn’t let him go!

PKD/PRA normal. Born May 2023. Closed stud

Sapphirestar Valteri

Blue point preferred pattern boy

Sadie’s boys were so stunning we have ended up with two of them! Valteri is a very pretty show patterned kitten and being blue point he will bring dilute to future lines. Valteri is a quiet boy, a follower rather than a leader and a clever little boy.

PKD/PRA normal. Born May 2023. Closed stud

Stud Services

We have secure, purpose built stud accommodation with large runs and generous sized housing. Protected by CCTV.
My boys have a house and run each and have company from other cats when they are not entertaining.
The houses are fully insulated and have electric heating and lighting. We have built in queens quarters to enable visiting queens to settle in undisturbed. Please click here for full stud terms and conditions.