Stud Boys

Sapphirestar Xiao-Meow

Seal point preferred pattern
Mateo is a very big sturdy boy. A strong minded kitten and very playful. Super show pattern and type, so staying here as a show/stud boy. 
5th generation Snowshoe with low inbreeding, from Italian and outcross lines. Mateo won Best in Show kitten at the Snowshoe show 2020. Carries blue, PKD & PRA normal. 
Born August ’19 
Closed stud

Sapphirestar Buzz Lightyear

Lilac tabby point bi-colour
Buzz is lilac tabby point bi-colour. 
4th generation from outcross lines. 
A friendly, outgoing big boy who loves a cuddle. PKD & PRA normal. All Buzz’s kittens will carry dilute and chocolate and half may be tabbies. 
Born August ’19 proven Limited stud £350

Sapphirestar Zeus

Seal point preferred pattern 
Zeus is a gentle boy who can be rather chatty. A cheerful, sweet boy who is laid back and takes his time to see what is going on. 
5th generation and carries chocolate and has a super show pedigree. Mum is Champion Sapphirestar Jersey Girl & Dad is Grand Champion Sapphirestar Oberon.  PKD & PRA normal. Zeus’s kittens will be full register Snowshoes, depending on the Queen.
Born Jan 2020 – Limited stud

Sapphirestar Envy

Seal point preferred pattern 
Envy is a big and very confident kitten with a fab outgoing personality. He is very clever and has been used to getting his own way as the oldest kitten in the house. He is very playful but also super cuddly.
5th generation and carries cinnamon so staying here. Mum is Astrid & Dad is my soppy homebred boy Dexter.  PKD & PRA normal. 
Born August 2020 – unproven

Stud Services

We have secure, purpose built stud accomodation with large runs and generous sized housing. Protected by CCTV.
My boys have a house and run each and have company from other cats when they are not entertaining.
The houses are fully insulated and have electric heating and lighting. We have built in queens quarters to enable visiting queens to settle in undisturbed. Please click here for full stud terms and conditions.