I sometimes have Snowshoe kittens for sale to good homes


Bengie x Sadie – 3rd generation Snowshoe – born March 2024for info click here

Sadie x Bengie

Satine x Bengie

Winnie x Zeb

Born 22/03/2024
5 seal point boy kittens
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Born 08/04/2024
2 girl and 2 boy kittens
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1 girl available

Born 09/04/2024
2 girl and 2 boy kittens
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all reserved

Satine and her Bengie babies – proud first time Mum
Sadie with Bengie’s kittens
Winnie and Zebedee’s kittens

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As a Registered and responsible Pedigree cat Breeder in the UK all our kittens are raised underfoot in our family home. They are born in the house, usually our bedroom and are handled from birth.  Once the kittens are 4 to 6 weeks old they come downstairs and become used to a wider range of noises and people. Once they have had their first vaccination they usually mix in with our other pets, though this depends on Mum’s preference.  All our kittens are very well handled and used to normal household life, children, other cats and a dog.  When they leave for their new homes my kittens are fully weaned, litter trained, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated (as a precaution).  All are confident, active, playful and in good health. Our kittens are fed premium food from weaning and leave with four weeks free insurance and a comprehensive kitten pack including full paperwork, food samples, diet and care sheet, a blanket and toys, as well as my ongoing support.  

Kittens can be visited depending on the mother’s confidence in allowing others to handle the kittens, usually this is not later than 9 weeks old, but I will not allow visits before 7 weeks, as the kittens do not develop their individual personalities until around this time. They can be reserved from 9 weeks old once payment of a £100 deposit is received. The deposit is non refundable unless I am unable, or unwilling, to allow the kitten to leave. If there is any doubt about the kitten’s fitness to start their new life with their family I will refund the deposit. All kittens are vet checked prior to leaving for their new homes.  Holidays can sometimes be honoured if an additional £50 late holding deposit is paid.  GCCF rules mean that I am not permitted to allow registered kittens to leave before they are 13 weeks old. 

My cats and kittens have gone to live in Europe, USA and Australia. I am happy to discuss the export of the right kitten/cat to the right family.

I welcome visitors by appointment to meet my cats, providing that I do not have very young kittens in the house.
If you’ve not met a Snowshoe cat come and be enchanted by my girls and boys – cuddles guaranteed!!

2020 – Seren x Oberon’s kittens
2020 – Demi x Buzz’s kitten
2020 – Nova x Oberon’s kitten
Saffron and her kits 2023
Saffron and Olaf’s kittens ’23
Sadie and her kittens 2023
Sadie and her blue point daughters Sapphirestar Velveteen and Vienna 2023