Available Cats and Kittens

Future Plans

(subject to change)

Winter 2020 onwards

Zeus x Nova – 4th gen Snowshoe due Jan

Summer 2021 onwards

Zeus x Seren – 5th gen Snowshoe

Spring 2021 onwards

Mateo x Pia – 5th gen Snowshoe
Zeus x Astrid – 6th gen Snowshoe

Buzz x Coco – 1st gen Snowshoe

Autumn 2021 onwards

Envy x Saffron – 5th gen Snowshoe

Kittens available

Seal point boys and girls born 9th December 2020 – all on hold pending viewings.

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– or  email or phone Kate on 07388 834756

In order to keep diverse lines and for the good of my cats, I retire my girls and boys between one and five years old. Upon retirement, I sometimes look for good pet/show homes for my cats. This happens if I think that they would prefer a quieter environment, without other hormonal queens and the arrival of boistrous kittens and with more one on one people time than I can offer them here. All homes are vetted and I ask for a financial contribution to ensure a genuine home. If you think that you would be able to offer a good home to a lovely girl or boy please let me know.