Cat Breeding Help

All the information you need to raise healthy kittens in one place.

We are very experienced breeders of more than a decade – raising more than 50 healthy litters each and providing kitten joy to so many loving families. We know that everyone has to start somewhere and support first time breeders to raise healthy kittens responsibly.

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Responsible breeder pack

Want to breed from your cat? Where do you start?

We can provide all the essential information that you need to raise healthy kittens safely. Our step by step support pack will help you through every stage of choosing a stud, mating, pregnancy, labour and delivery, kitten rearing and finding loving homes for the kittens.
We help you to learn what to look out for, when to call a vet, how to be prepared for each stage.

Your cat is pregnant? – what next? No judgement here.

If your cat has accidently become pregnant we understand the stress you are feeling. How can you keep your much loved pet safe and protect her from the risks involved in kittening? How can you ensure that her kittens are delivered safely? Does she need vet checks? Will you recognise if she needs help? Our kitten raising course provides all the information that you need and will answer all your questions. Includes step by step guidance for every stage of pregnancy and kitten rearing.

Want to become a pedigree cat breeder?

Cat breeding is a hugely rewarding hobby. There is a demand for healthy kittens, We can help you to develop the skills to become a responsible and ethical breeder. If you are already a breeder, our responsible breeder pack will give you a best practise guide with resources to help and support you every step of the way – from choosing your breeding queen to building a kitten pack for your new owners.

Click here to purchase our cat breeder training pack.
Aimed at the first time pedigree or non pedigree breeder.

Click here to purchase our accidental litter training course.
Aimed at the owner of an already pregnant cat.

Click here to purchase our responsible breeder complete training course.
Aimed at anyone who wants to become a breeder or improve their breeding practise.