Ch Sapphirestar Hocus-Pocus x Destrier Zeberdee – 09/04/2024 2 girls and 2 boys

Winnie and Zeberdee

A gorgeous litter of seal and blue point kittens from a Champion mother who is a super confident family pet. Mum Winnie is a 6th generation show cat with the most fantastic personality, this is her third litter and she is as adoring as ever. Zeberdee is a sweet, gentle boy who purrs when he is fussed. Zeberdee is a 2nd generation Snowshoe, as his Grandad is a chocolate point Siamese.
The kittens have been weaned on high quality food and will be TICA registered, they will be fully vaccinated, wormed, fully litter trained, and will be microchipped before they leave. Raised in the home, they are used to busy family life, teenagers and other cats and dogs. Mum and Dad can be seen.

The kittens can leave from 9th July 2024.

Born 9th April 2024 – 2 girls and 2 boy kittens

Sapphirestar Boston-Bear Reserved for Kornelia

Seal point bi-colour boy – Bear is a very chatty and playful kitten. He is a busy kitten with strong opinions and a need to be loved and looked after – he does not deal with adversity and shouts for you to rescue him if he gets stuck/lost/hungry/can’t find Mum/confused! Can be shown in Snowshoe breed classes.

Second from left sitting up

Sapphirestar Baloo Available £950

Blue colourpoint boy. Baloo is a big soppy boy with the softest, dense coat. He is a typical Mummy’s boy and plays in sight of his Mum most of the time. He is a big chunky boy and a nice, laid back kitten. With no white pattern Baloo cannot be shown in Snowshoe breed classes, but could be shown as a household pet when neutered.

Sapphirestar Barbie Reserved for Cissi

Seal point bi-colour girl. Barbie is a pretty little girl, hard to tell apart from her brother Bear, but a bit less chatty. An attractive, playful girl, who is chilled and takes everything in her stride.

Sapphirestar Barbie – on right

Sapphirestar Bambi Staying here

Seal point preferred pattern girl – Bambi is a pretty show pattern girl. She is a confident, outgoing kitten, and quite independent, not needing humans for much at the moment. Bambi is hopefully staying here to be shown and carry on Zeberdee’s lines here. Can be shown in Snowshoe breed classes.

Sapphirestar Bambi on the left
Kitten front right

The kittens are 3rd generation Snowshoe and are pedigree TICA registered Snowshoes. They will be fully vaccinated including FeLV and microchipped. They have been comprehensively wormed and will come with 4weeks free insurance and a generous kitten pack including a blanket, food they are eating, plenty of toys, pedigree and all paperwork.

Mum and Dad can be seen. Ready to leave 9th July 2024.

Also see our Youtube channel Sapphirestar Snowshoes for videos of the kittens

From left – Baloo, Bear, Bambi and Barbie