Our Queens

Sapphirestar Olympia -Blue colourpoint point girl 
Rio is a very sweet little girl. She looks similar to an Old style Siamese, like her Mum Xena. Although she has no white markings, Rio has super blue eye colour and carries cinnamon.
Rio is third generation Snowshoe, her Dad is the Champion Snowshoe Destrier Cairo. Rio is a super friendly lap cat. She is clever and very affectionate.
PKD negative by DNA tested heritage Mother to Adonis and Seren. Grandmother to Vixen and Dexter
Kittens due August 2019


Champion Sapphirestar Jersey Girl - Seal point preferred pattern girl  
Jersey is a stunning patterned girl.  Very sweet but she has a mind of her own. Jersey carries chocolate and has super Snowshoe type.
Jersey was placed first and BOB at the Supreme 2017. She won Best in Show Adult at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show 2018, winning two cc's, two BOB's and having a red card day! Jersey was made up to Champion at 10 months old.
Kittens born June 2019 
Sapphirestar Nova Scotia - Seal tabby point mitted girl

Nova Scotia
Nova is a very pretty seal tabby with perfect white mittens. Nova is big and bouncy with an intelligent look to her.
Her Mum Cameo is a Champion and Dad Hercules is a Grand Champion. Nova had a red card day at her first show at just 3 months old in the pedigree pet section.  PKD and PRA negative by heritage DNA testing.

Demetra Del Doge - Seal preferred pattern girl
Demi is a stunning seal show pattern girl. She has come to us from the Del Doge cattery in Italy.  Demi is of very good Snowshoe type and is a lovely confident kitten.
I look forward to showing Demi and to later on to hopefully welcoming her kittens here.
Many thanks to Alvise for letting her come to live here.
Kittens due August 2019

Icegems Ariel - Seal preferred pattern girl
Ariel is a big girl with a bigger personality. She is a super seal point show pattern girl with fantastic blue eyes.  She is 3rd generation descended from a Siamese line and has a Grand Champion Snowshoe mother.
Ariel came to visit Adonis and is now staying here to have her kittens.
Many thanks to her breeder Anne for letting her come to live here. 

Sapphirestar Serendipity -Blue preferred pattern girl 
Seren is a very pretty good sized Snowshoe girl. She is outgoing and likes a fuss. Seren is 4th generation and carries cinnamon from her Mum Rio. Her Dad is the fantastic Southpole Jack Daniels. Seren won first and BOB at her first show. 
PKD and PRA negative by heritage DNA testing.

Sapphirestar Utopia -
Seal bi-colour girl 

A very pretty seal bi-colour kitten with super blue eyes. Pia is 4th generation and carries chocolate, so is staying here so her Mum May (Champion Icedmocha Princess) can retire to a super pet home. Dad is the stunning Monty (Sapphirestar Maverick). Pia is a very confident outgoing kitten, into everything, just as they should be and with a very loud voice! 

Sapphirestar Vixen - Cinnamon colourpoint girl 

Vixen is a very pretty 4th generation cinnamon point Snowshoe. She is the first ever cinnamon point Snowshoe registered in the UK and maybe the world. Vixen is staying here to hopefully have her own kittens in the future. Vixen is a lovely gentle girl, always the smallest, she was hand fed for a while so is very attached to her human slaves. Mum Posy and Dad is Adonis.

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