Snowshoe ex-stud boy - Adecish Snowshoo Idris



Seal point Snowshoe preferred pattern
9 Merit winner, all as an adult including the Supreme 2011
Tested negative to FIV/FeLV on 21.07.11 and 10.07.12
Tested PKD negative and blood group A/AB (not carrying b) July 2011.
Idris carries dilute so produced seal or blue point kittens depending on the queen.

Idris is now neutered. He was a successful and prolific stud, GCCF registered active. He's a strong, muscular boy, full of typical Snowshoe personality and has been very successful on the show bench.
Idris sired 40 kittens including 3 Champions. 
He was born in March 2010.


Idris has the most super laid back temperament and was great at "courting" his ladies. Idris sired two litters in 2011, three in 2012, five litters in 2013 and two in 2014 before being neutered in March 2014.  His last litter were born in May 2014.  All his kittens have his super friendly temperament and show the typical Snowshoe intelligence.  Idris has produced some gorgeous show pattern kittens including the boys below. His son Frostbite was the first GCCF male Champion Snowshoe, his daughters Summer (Sapphirestar Summer Days) and
Trini (Charliesgems Citrine), son Phantom (Sapphirestar The Phantom), Grandson George (Diamondice Snow Prince) and Grandaughter Dancer (Diamondice Dancer) have also achieved Champion status. He has sired 40 healthy kittens, including the Best in Show kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show 2013, his Granddaughter, Dancer was Best in Show kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show in 2014 and daughter Trini was Best in Show adult at the Snowshoe Cat Society show 2015.  His kittens have been exported to Northern Ireland, Denmark, France and the USA, as well as being loving pets here in the UK.

Father of our Frostbite, Summer, Phantom, Hero and Sherlock.
Grandfather of our Dancer, Spirit, Tally, Smudge and Winter  

                 Sapphirestar Futuristic (Freddie)                                  Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite                            Sapphirestar Heat Wave