Lynkinaca Taicligh Tito - Lilac point Siamese - 24c
0% inbreeding


                                                                                                Photo courtesy of Robert Fox

Teasel is a lilac point Old Style Siamese boy (24c) on the GCCF active register.  He is a total cuddle monster, loves attention and he has a purr to die for. Teasel was born in May 2010 and his first litter of super kittens were born in July 2011.  After siring 21 kittens Teasel has been neutered October 2012 but I have 3 of his daughters and a son here to carry on his lines in both my Siamese and Snowshoes. His Granddaughter is my Sapphirestar Glacier. 

Teasel has the most stunning blue eyes and will hopefully bring chocolate into the Snowshoe lines without bringing the more extreme modern Siamese look, he is a very big boy and can be quite vocal. Teasel is a calm, laid back boy who loves lounging in his hanging basket in the sun, he is a gentleman and enjoys exploring the garden now he is neutered.  Teasel passes his intelligence onto his kittens and his babies are great fun and very cuddly.

Teasel tested Negative FIV/FELV September 2011.  Teasel has been DNA tested and he is normal for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rdAc). This is great news as it means that none of his offspring should suffer from this condition.

 Teasel Pedigree
Teasel has had litters of both Siamese and Snowshoe kittens - photos below -