Snowshoe kittens born - 18th August 2014
Champion Diamondice Snow Prince x Champion Sapphirestar Summer Days
George  x Summer

  Mum and Dad (and all Grandparents) can be seen.
boys and girls all with white 
Fifth generation Snowshoe kittens - super show pedigree, 5 Champions in Pedigree
The kittens will be ready to go when they are 13 weeks old, Pedigree, Registered, weaned, litter trained, wormed and vaccinated.
They will come with all paperwork, 4 weeks insurance and a comprehensive kitten pack.
Kittens can be veiwed from 26.10.14 - maybe pet/show/breed

Sapphirestar Ursula - Seal point mitted girl kitten - 
Left for her forever home with Valerie
Ursula is a big chunky kitten she has a white chin and four white mittens. A pretty girl who is into everything and is very adventurous. 

Sapphirestar Una - Blue point mitted girl Kitten -
Left for her forever home with Kim
Una is smaller than her sister at 3 weeks old, she has plenty of time to catch up though. A pretty mitted girl with one pointed toe. She is a very laid back kitten and looks like she will be a lap cat. Not phased by anything and happy in her own company.

bottom left kitten

Sapphirestar Ulrich - Seal point mitted boy kitten -  Left for his forever home with Kim
Ulrich is another chunky kitten, a bit of a bossy, boistrous boy already and such a pretty boy with his unique face and four white mittens.


Sapphirestar Ulysses - Blue point bicolour boy kitten -  Left for his forever home with Gillian and Brian
Ulysses is a very pretty kitten, he has a lovely symmetrical inverted V on his face. Ulysses is an active boy and follows his Mum about. He seems very good at making friends and loves cuddling up with our neuter Gem.

7 weeks old


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