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Stud Boys

Southpole Jack Daniels
Seal preferred pattern Snowshoe
Jackie is the most stunning Snowshoe from the world renowned Southpole cattery.
He is a gentle boy with a friendly character. He loves his cuddles and is a sweetheart, as well as of super type.
Jackie was born in 2011 he is fourth generation, carries blue and is proven. GCCF and TICA registered. He is open stud to suitable active registered and health tested girls.  £350
Huge thanks to Dawn Minicozzi for enabling me to have Jackie.
Sapphirestar Maverick
Seal tabbypoint Bi-colour Snowshoe

Monty is a stunning boy with fantastic eye colour. He is an extremely rare spotted tabbypoint Snowshoe, most tabbies are ticked or mackerill, but Monty looks like a snow spotted Bengal in pattern.  Monty is a huge chunky boy like his Dad and he is very playful. He is third generation Snowshoe from BSH lines.  Monty inherited the tabby gene from his Champion mother Cameo and the chocolate gene from his Champion father Yeti.
Monty was a great hit with the public on the Snowshoe Cat Society's Meet the Cats stand at Supreme Cat Show 2017.  Half of his kittens born are likely to be tabbypoint.
Closed stud


Sapphirestar Oberon
Seal point preferred pattern
Bron is a stunning boy with a gentle personality. He is very playful and likes people on a one to one basis.
He has a super pattern and is big chunky boy as he does eat well. Mum May is a Champion Snowshoe, Dad is my very outgoing Indy.
Limited stud £300

kitten looking at camera

Sapphirestar Adonis
Blue colourpoint
Donald is a live wire with a cheeky character. A very pretty boy with a big personality, Don carries cinnamon. Adonis is 4th generation Snowshoe, his Mum Rio is a lovely type colourpoint and Dad Hercules is a Grand Champion.
Adonis had a red card day at his first  show - winning all his classes and was overall Best in Show Household Pet.
Seal and blue kittens depending on the queen.
Limited stud £250  

Sapphirestar Quintessential
Seal tabbypoint preferred pattern
Chester is 4th generation and carries chocolate and dilute.
A very outgoing boy, big and very playful. He is a sweetie and a lovely easygoing boy.
Chester is the son of our Grand Champion Elsa and lovely gentle tabby stud Monty. He won best in show kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show 2019.
Born Sept 2018 unproven, closed stud at present

kitten on the left

kitten top left

Stud Services
We have secure, purpose built stud accomodation with large runs and generous sized housing. Protected by CCTV.
My boys have a house and run each and have company from other cats when they are not entertaining.
The houses are fully insulated and have electric heating and lighting. We have built in queens quarters to enable visiting queens to settle in undisturbed. Please click here for full stud terms and conditions.


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