Sapphirestar Jubiliation - Seal point Snowshoe boy

At limited stud - Retiring 2013

                    Star at 3 months                                 Star at 4 months                            Star's Dad Dixylan Billy Bob    
             Star at 18 months

Star is a very well named little boy as he is a complete and utter star. Star is a first generation Snowshoe x British Shorthair outcross. I was very lucky to be allowed to take my homebred girl Missy to the fantastic colourpoint and white British Shorthair boy Dixylan Billy Bob. The resulting litter were everything I could have hoped for.  Star is first generation Snowshoe and will help me to keep my inbreeding low.

Star was very much adored at the Supreme Cat Show. He won his Pedigree Pet kitten class and was awarded Best of Breed, we were all very proud of him.
I intend that Star will provide some balance to the Siamese influence in my outcross programme.  He is certainly a chunky big boy weighing 1.7kg at just 10 weeks old. He was far bigger than my adult girls at only 6 months so he is a really big boy.  Star is a lovely big boy with the gentlest temperament.

Star carries dilute. Star is DNA tested PKD normal (Test carried out by the Vet).  He was born 02.06.2012.