Sapphirestar Cats                                                        


Show Results
Home bred Snowshoe Imperial Grand Premiers
Imperial Grand Premier & Champion Sapphirestar Cameo
Home bred Snowshoe Grand Champions
Grand Champion Sapphirestar Hercules
Grand Premier Sapphirestar Jester
Grand Champion Sapphirestar Oberon
Home bred Snowshoe Champions
Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite
Champion Diamondice Snow Prince
Champion Sapphirestar Summer Days
Champion Diamondice Dancer
Champion Sapphirestar The Phantom
Champion Sapphirestar Eskimo Kisses
Champion Sapphirestar Yeti
Champion Sapphirestar Jersey Girl
Champion Sapphirestar Quintessential
Champion Sapphirestar Unforgettable
Other show results
Adecish Snowshoo Idris - 9 Merits and 2 BOB
Intermediate Champion Cleyview Winnie (Ava) - 1 Merit, 3 Intermediate Certificates
GMC Liquorish - 3 BIS's, 3 BOV, 4 BOC, 2 IGMC Certificates, Judges Choice award

Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite - 3CC, 4 Int Certificates, Triple Merit, 7 BOB and Best in Show Kitten SCS 2013
Master Cat Gem (Sapphirestar Iced Gem)  - 2 GMC, 3 Reserve GMC, 3 MC 6 BIC 1st kitten class every time out 
Champion Diamondice Dancer - 2 x BOB 1st kitten class and Best in Show kitten SCS 2014 3cc 
Winter (Sapphirestar Winter's Tale) - 2 x 1st kitten class, 2 x BOC and Best in Show Pedigree Pet 
Grand Champion Snowdust Elsa - 3 Gr Ch certificates, 3cc, 6 x BOB, Best in Show Adult SCS 2016
Champion and Imperial Grand Premier Sapphirestar Cameo  -  5 IGPR x 3GRPR, 3 PR, 3 cc, 9 x BOB, 2 x 1st kitten class
Imperial Grand Master Cat Charlie (Sapphirestar Chaos) -  10 x BOC, 5 x IGMC, 3 Oly, BIS Ped Pet kitten & 3 x BIS HHP
Grand Champion Sapphirestar Hercules - 1st kitten class, 3 x CC's, 3Gr CH Certificate, 4 x BOB & BIS kitten SCS 2017
Champion Sapphirestar Jersey Girl - 3cc, 5 x BOB, 2 x 1st kitten class, Best in Show Adult SCS 2018
Master Cat Indy (Sapphirestar Indianapolis) - 2 x GMC and 3 x MC certificates, many BOB
Nova (Sapphirestar Nova Scotia) - 2 x kitten 1st, BOB
Adonis (Sapphirestar Adonis) - 2 x kitten 1st, 2 x BOB Best Pedigree Pet, Best in Show Household Pet
Grand Champion Sapphirestar Oberon -
3 x GRCH cert,  3 cc, 7 x BOB, 2 x kitten 1st Best in Show Adult SCS 2020
Champion Sapphirestar Quintessential -
1 x GRCH cert, 4cc, 5 x BOB Best in show kitten Snowshoe Cat Society 2019 
Sapphirestar Serendipity - 1 cc, 1st kitten class and BOB
Sapphirestar Utopia - 1st kitten class and BOB
Champion Sapphirestar Unforgettable - 4cc, BOB and Best of Variety Adult
Champion Southpole Jack Daniels - 3cc
Sapphirestar Xiao-Meow - 1st kitten class and BOB, Best in Show kitten Snowshoe Cat Society show 2020
Sapphirestar Your Majesty - 1st kitten class. Red card day at her first show
Sapphirestar Yippee - 1st kitten class
Sapphirestar Buzz Lightyear - 1st kitten class and BOB

18.01.20 - Snowshoe Cat Society and Shorthaired Cat Society - Sports Connexion, Coventry
- A very enjoyable Snowshoe day out. Lots of catching up with friends and meeting new ones. All the cats did us proud with some high certificates awarded. Very proud of the Sapphirestar cats out today. Oberon got his third Grand, so is now a Grand Champion. Jack was awarded two cc's, so is now a Champion and Uma (Sapphirestar Unforgettable) was awarded 2 cc's.  Best of all, Oberon won Best in Show Adult (he loved his catnip cracker prize) and Mateo won Best in show kitten, but he was a bit tired after all his cuddles by that point. Congratulations to all the owners, Nicola for Jackson's success and of course to Anne for a phenonmenal day with Ruby winning Overall Best in show for at least the the fourth year running!
     Champion Southpole Jack Daniels 
26.10.19 - Supreme Cat Show - NEC Birmingham
- We had a really fab day, lots of super Snowshoes and their lovely owners. It was great to catch up with everyone and all the cats did us proud. Especially happy that Champion Sapphirestar Oberon took the adult Best of breed and Sapphirestar Unforgettable took the kitten Best of Breed and came 6th in best of Variety. Well done also to Anne and the gorgeous Mollie who won a well deserved Best of Breed Neuter.
19.01.19 - Snowshoe Cat Society and Shorthaired Cat Society - Sports Connexion, Coventry
- What a lovely day, a super turnout of cats who came to support the club show. It was great to catch up with all our Snowshoe friends.
Well done to Cameo who was awarded her 3rd Premier certificate so now has another title. Oberon was awarded his second cc and my lovely homebred kitten Chester (Sapphirestar Quintessential) was awarded best of breed in a tough class and went on to win best in show Kitten. It was a good day for the pedigree pets too, Charlie was awarded two further Olympian certificates and his son Indy was penned next door to him and was awarded his second master cat certificate. I was so proud that the three generations - Charlie, his son Indy and Grandson Oberon were all present at the show.
Congratulations to the great Icegems Ruby for winning overall Best in Show.

20.01.18 - Snowshoe Cat Society and Shorthaired Cat Society - Sports Connexion, Coventry
So good to catch up with our Snowshoe friends.  A very successful day out for our Sapphirestar cats, worth putting up with the sleet and snow for. My homebred boy Sapphirestar Hercules was made up to Grand Champion, Charlie (Sapphirestar Chaos) was made up to Grand Master Cat and it was a red card day for my homebred Sapphirestar Jersey, who won Best in Show Adult and her first 2ccs.
Congratulations to the great Icegems Ruby for winning overall Best in Show.
28.10.17 - Supreme Cat Show  - NEC Birmingham
- A different hall for the Supreme this year, I very much enjoyed the new location and had a great day out. We took five cats, three in competition -  Snowshoe Adult Hercules who won his first Grand Champion Certificate, kitten Snowshoe Jersey who won Best of Breed Snowshoe kitten, colourpoint Snowshoe Charlie in the Pedigree Pet section.   Indy and Monty also came along to entertain the public on the Snowshoe Cat Society's meet the cats stand. As expected the cats were all superstars, the kittens slept solidly when they got home as they had had such a busy day. The human's did too mind you!
08.07.17 - Kensington Cat Club and Eastern Counties Cat Society - Wood Green Animal Centre
Our first show in 5 months went rather well. We had a brilliant day with Charlie (Sapphirestar Chaos) and Hercules(Sapphirestar Hercules) at the Kensington Cat Club and Eastern Counties Cat Society Show at Wood Green. Charlie won Best in Show Household Pet in the Kensington Show! He was so laid back and took it all in his stride, looking quiet at home in the winner's show pen. He took home two enormous rosettes and lots of kisses from Isabel. We were all so proud to see a Snowshoe in the best in Show pens, albeit a Snowshoe with no snow. Charlie beat 39 other cats including Olympians.
Both boys won their classes and were both awarded Best of Breed in both shows. Charlie went on to win Best Pedigree Pet adult, Best Pedigree Pet and overall Best Household Pet by the Kensington Cat Club. Hercules had a good day at his first adult show, winning two certificates and BOBs at only 9 months old. The big boy was very relaxed and was very tolerating of being handled by 6 judges.
22.10.16 - The Supreme Cat show - NEC Birmingham
- A lovely day at the NEC where Bob (Sapphirestar Blizzard) represented the Snowshoe Cat Society at the Supreme Cat Show. May (Icedmocha Princess) was a star too, winning 1st and BOB in her kitten class and being drawn 3rd in Best of variety foreign kitten out of 12 super kittens representing all the breeds in the Foreign Section.

13.02.16 - The Croydon and Southern Counties Show - Reading
A good day for the young adults. Both Kimi and Elsa were awarded 2cc's by their Judges. Good side class results too, I was very proud of them. Kimi has taken after his showman Grandfather Idris and enjoyed the show, watching the people come and go and eating like a horse (as usual). Elsa was less keen to be at a show, but she took BOB over Kimi in both shows. A reflection perhaps of Kimi's rather chunky frame - he does look like he has spent the winter eating all the pies
                                                                                          Elsa (Snowdust Elsa)     and                            Kimi (Sapphirestar Eskimo Kisses)
12.12.15 - The National and Colourpoint Cat Society Show - Bracknell
We had a great day at a big double show. The two kittens started their show career and their Great Grandma Jollity ended hers. It was a day for celebration as Jollity won 2 cc's and is now a Champion (subject to GCCF confirmation).  The kittens took it all in their stride. Yeti beat his sister Ying-Yang to Best of Breed, but both were very laid back. You know you are bringing up good kittens when they are quite happy to have a photo session at their first show at only just 4 months old. So proud of the little dudes!

24.10.15 - The Supreme Cat Show - NEC
A historic day for the Snowshoes - Icegems Ruby was made Best in Show Foreign Neuter at the Supreme Cat Show!! Ruby beat 17 cats of other breeds to the title. Congratulations to her owner and Breeder Anne Jones.
My homebred boy Kimi (Sapphirestar Eskimo Kisses) was awarded 1st in his kitten class and Best of Breed. Our new girl Snowdust Elsa also won 1st in her kitten class and did my daughter proud in the YES class.
My baby boy Spook enjoyed meeting the public on the Snowshoe Cat Society "meet the cats" stand. Only 6 months old and on his first outing, but he was a very brave boy.
                     Sapphirestar Spook                                                                   Snowdust Elsa                                         Sapphirestar Eskimo Kisses   
11.07.15 - Eastern Counties and Kensington Cat Club shows
After a stressful start to the day (thanks Gem!) we had a really good time at the joint show at Wood Green - our favourite venue as there is so much to do. A successful start to Kimi's show career, he won both his breed classes and was awarded BOB. He was laid back and cuddly from start to finish and made us proud. Gem, on the other hand, did a runner out of the conservatory window 5 minutes before we were due to leave for the show. Calling for your show cat in the garden at 7am is never a good start to the day! He did make up for it however, by winning his 2nd Grand and being given Reserve Grand in a class of 8.
28.02.15 - Coventry and Leicester Cat Club and Herts and Middlesex Cat Club Show
A lovely day out with great company. Completed by Phantom being awarded his 2nd and 3rd cc's and being made up to Champion on his second outing and he's not even a year old yet.  Many thanks to his Judges.  Smudge (Sapphirestar Valiant) came too and went home with 2 x 1st places and a 2nd. Smudge got a bit bored, but he made the most of it chewing his pen number, rosettes and finishing off his toy mouse.
Congratulations to Anne and Lily (Icegems Amethyst) who was also made up to Champion today, to Charlie and Trini (Charliesgems Citrine) who got her first cc and to Lyn and Honey who was awarded her cc. Karina (Diamondice Aurora) had a good day and it was great to see Louie all grown up.

15.02.15 - The Croyden Cat Club Show

Well our home bred young cats did us proud at their first show today. Phantom was awarded his cc and Bob, Little Winter, just three months old, had a red card day. She was placed 1st in all four of her classes, got her BOB and then topped it by winning Best in Show Pedigree Pet. Both cats took it all in their strides and we struggled to carry all Winter's winnings back to the car! Such a generous and well run show, we don't often win prize money.
Despite a lovely day my thoughts must go to those affected by the horrific crash on the M40 this morning. We were on the M40 Southbound within 5 minutes of the accident and were delayed whilst the Police accessed the scene, so upsetting to witness the horrific aftermath.
                                                              Sapphirestar The Phantom                                                                 Sapphirestar Winter's Tale                                                                  Not bad for a day's work!!                 

22.11.14 - The Supreme Cat Show 2014 - NEC
The Supreme 2014 was a great success, the cats coped well with a busy show and the ring judged format.  Idris was a star, revelling in the attention in "meet the cats", though the valerian in his "plague rat" got the better of him by lunchtime and he slept most of the afternoon. So proud of my laid back boy for taking it all in his stride.
George was awarded his first Grand Champion Certificate and Best of Breed, his sister Dancer received her third CC and was made up to Champion. Gem came third in a big Grand Master class of 6, he coped well with the show format and now demands to sleep on nothing but silk.  Ellie was a star in the YES class, all credit to the judge Anne Gregory for getting a 14 year old to talk in front of a film crew.
Lovely to catch up with everyone, but not enough shopping was done!

20.09.14 - BOB and East Sussex Cat show

Blue points on tour today!! A great day for us at a boiling hot and packed Bracknell Leisure Centre, Cairo was made up to Champion, Dancer was awarded 2cc and BOB and George was awarded Reserve Grand Champion in a class of 5 and BOB. A well run, organised show and a day where all the plans came together, we will all sleep well tonight and the cats were total stars!  
Cairo                                             George                                                     Dancer                              
12.07.14 - Eastern Counties Cat Society show
Well we came, we saw and we left with a sun tan!! I love Wood Green as a venue and we had a great day in super company. Add to that the fact that both cats went home with certificates and that Sasha is now a Champion and it was one of those (very rare) perfect days.  Congratulations to Charlie for Trinnie's first and Annie's certificate and to Hazel for Logan's two Master Cat certificates.

17.05.14 - Suffolk and Norfolk Cat Club show
Well it was a hot one but very worth it, three cats and three certificates. Gem won his first Grand Master Certificate in a tough class of 4, he was awarded BOB too and did well in one of his side classes too. Sasha got her second cc and was awarded BOB and Jolly got her first cc and BOB, Jolly hasn't been shown since 2012 and prefered to spend the day under her blanket.

26.04.14 - Bedford and Cambridge shows

A fantastic day at the Bedford and Cambridge shows at Wood Green. Both Summer and George were made up to Champion - an amazing achievement as they are both only 9 months old and George made Champion in three straight shows. Cairo was awarded his first cc and Sasha was second in her breed class and third out of 8 in a side class. Congratulations too to Hazel as our homebred kitten Logan (Sapphirestar Lysander) won Best in Show Pedigree Pet!! So proud of Logan (Champion Frostbite and Ava's kitten) only 8 months old, but he took it all in his stride.  Well done to Hazel for showing him in such fabulous condition, he is a credit to you and fully deserved it, such a beautiful boy and well done to the lovely Koda - two MC's at his first show.

06.04.14 - The Snowshoe Cat Society, The Shorthaired Cat Society and the Midlands Counties Shows               
Always an enjoyable day out and I do so enjoy catching up with the lovely Snowshoe Cat Society people. A fantastic day for the 4 cats we took - culminating in Ellie's homebred kitten Diamondice Dancer having a red card day and then winning Best in Show Kitten in the Snowshoe Cat Society Show, an award that her Father Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite won at the 2013 Show. Congratulations to Michael and Blade for winning Best in Show and to Anne Jones for breeding the lovely Blade and winning Best in Show Adult with his Mum Ruby (who she also bred).  Thank you to Janet for being wonderful as ever and meaning that Ellie got to see the kitten that she delivered in the Best in Show pen and to Lynda for running a well organised show as ever.
George had a brilliant day being awarded 2 Championship Certificates in his first adult show and getting 1st, 2 x 2nd and 3rd in his side classes.  Summer was awarded 1 cc and BOB and was placed 2 x 1st and 3rd in her side classes.  The stunning Princess Sasha made Lyn her breeder so proud by winning her first Championship Certificate a week after she turned 9 months old! Sasha was a star, purring her head off and being her usual cuddly self, taking her first show completely in her stride. Reports for George, Dancer and Summer can be found here -

15.03.14 - The Surrey and Sussex Cat Association Show                                                                                               
A good day out in the sunshine at the Surrey and Sussex Cat Association show in Woking today. Gem is now a Master Cat as he was awarded his third Master Cat Certificate.  He was also placed in all his side classes which were very big classes of 6, 8 and 9 cats. George got his first and BOB and Polar got her first 1st place rosette. Polar is lucky enough to have a fairy Godmother and Godfather who gave her the most lovely fluffy bed which she adores and travelled all the way home in. Thank you so much for their kindness.  Love a show that doesn't waste your time and lets you go as soon as Best in Show has been judged and clear roads meant we were home in record time.

22.02.14 - The Coventry and Leicester Cat Club Show                                                                                                 
A great day out with lovely people at the Coventry and Leicester Cat Club show. Gem and George did very well, two firsts and a third each, Gem got his second Master Cat Certificate and George was awarded Best of Breed. Congratulations to Charlene and Charliesgems Anastase for her first homebred CC and to Hazel and Logan (Sapphirestar Lysander) for doing so well at his first show. Lovely to see Lin and Brian Jarrold there too.

18.01.14 - The Notts and Derby Cat Club Show                                                                                                             
 An amazing day at the Notts and Derby Cat Club Show in Leicestershire. I'm so proud that Frostbite became the GCCF's first male Champion Snowshoe, his  Mum Alaska was awarded her first PC and his daughter Lottie survived a whole day without her Mum (just)!                                                                          
Congratulations to Anne Jones - the owner of Champion Icegems Ruby (the first female GCCF Champion Snowshoe) and to Michael Wrigley - the owner of the first GCCF Premier Snowshoe Icegems Blue Steele (Blade). A great day out in great company, I'm so glad that Mollie Southall could be here to witness    what her hard work has finally achieved.                                                                                                                                                                                        

 The Judge report for Frostbite and his Mum Alaska at the Notts and Derby show have been published, the link to them is here

07.12.13 - The National and Colourpoint Cat Show
A good day out for Frostbite, Summer and Gem today. Frostbite got his 2nd CC and Gem was awarded his first Master Cat certificate. Summer really loved a chance to show off to an audience - no lack of confidence in this little one.  Lovely to see Karina too, the first kitten my daughter Ellie bred, Diamondice Aurora, looking so well and taking a very busy show in her stride.
23.11.13 - The Supreme Cat Show 2013 - NEC 
Well our three generations of boys did us proud!! Idris came out of retirement to meet his public and had a really good day. He has matured into a cat who really enjoys these busy shows with a lot going on and he thoroughly enjoyed being handled on the table at judging. He was however, beaten to second place in the adult class by his son Frostbite. 
Frostbite had a fantastic day out despite not really loving the format. It was his first Supreme and he did not enjoy being shown off, he did win his class and was awarded BOB out of four very good Snowshoe cats though, gaining his first Championship Certificate.
George (Diamondice Snow Prince) was also at his first Supreme and in fact at his first ever show. He was in his element and loved meeting his public, nearly being pocketed by the lovely Judge of Ellie's YES class. George took home a first place rosette for his kitten class but was beaten for Best of Breed by Kelly's very sweet little girl Snow White. 
                                                                                                                                                Idris at the Supreme 2013 with Judge Mrs Brooks
21.09.13 - BOB and East Sussex Cat Club
A really good day at an extremely busy show.  Frostbite and Teasel travelled really well and were very good boys. Frostbite was awarded two Intermediate Certificates, thank you to his Judges he now has 4 IC's and qualifies as an Intermediate Champion. Teasel enjoyed his day and did well in his side classes, so both boys took home 4 lovely rosettes.
05.01.13 - The Snowshoe Cat Society Show and Shorthaired Cat Society Show
A fantastic start to 2013 - my homebred Snowshoe boy Sapphirestar Frostbite was made Best in Show Kitten - thank you to his Judges for giving him a red card day on his first time out. 1st in all four classes that he was entered in - a very good day.  Jollity got two Merits and came home with a sackful of rosettes too. It was great to see so many Snowshoe people and their lovely cats. The breed is in a very healthy place and I look forward to the future.
Snowshoe Kitten Assessment 14 weeks – 6 months: Mrs M Buckeridge
Merit & BOB      Gee’s Sapphirestar Frostbite (83w) M 14/8/12    Four months old.  Seal Point Snowshoe.  A very nice well grown boy.  Good gentle contours to head and broad wedge.  Eyes looking a little round and of pale blue colour.  Good broad wedge head.  Straight nose.  Level bite and good chin.  Moderately large ears with rounded tops following the wedge.  Fair body length (well made tummy!).  Well proportioned limbs, feet and tail.  Medium short coat which is close lying with a slight resilience.  Good seal points colour to ears and tail.  Perfect inverted “V” – white starting at eye top level.  Paw pads mainly white with one coloured pad.  Front paws even white to the wrist.  Back legs just below the hock.  The chin has colour on it although it should be white according to the SOPs.  Excellent colour contrast with the body.  Super temperament.
1 & Merit: GEE’S SAPPHIRESTAR FROSTBITE (83w). Posing well in pen, very relaxed. Good breadth to gently rounded top of head with mobile ears of good shape and of alert set. Medium sized blue eyes of walnut shape, set wide apart. Flattening to forehead developing, slight contour to nose with level chin of medium depth. Good weight and feel to body of medium size with proportionate legs and oval paws.
white V on face, brown coloured chin. White mittens to fronts paws with white on back legs to below knees. Good shape to tail. Lovely gentle nature to this lad, in fine condition. Lovely to handle, a sweet chap and a nice kitten.


20/10/2012 - The Colourpoint, Rex Coated and Any Other Variety Club show - a lovely welcoming club show which we shall definitely visit again. Well organised by friendly people, it was a pleasure to attend.
Little Pimms had a very good day out and Saffy was a star too. Congratulations to our friend Laura on Sparrow's BIS Pedigree Pet!!

1ST MERIT & BOB GEE’S ICEDMOCHA PIMMS (83aw) F 02.07.12 Blue
A sweet baby girl of only 3 months with a very loud purr!  Head a broad wedge with slightly rounded contours.  Good profile & chin, she was teething but the bite was OK.  Rounded muzzle & high cheek bones.  Medium ears, well-set with a broad base & rounded tips.  Eyes of medium size, walnut-shaped, pale blue and expressive.  Long well-grown body though lots of developing still to do.  Legs to balance of medium bone & small oval paws.  Quite long tail, medium at the base and slightly tapering.  Kitteny coat of medium length and it needs to develop.  White inverted “V” on the face, high white with white chest, underbody and limbs.  Bluish grey points developing with good colour to the ears and a dark tail.  Slight body shading.
 A confident miss for one so young.  A playful girl enjoying her day out and I was happy to award the merit.

24/02/12 - Coventry and Leicester Cat Club show -
Idris was awarded his 9th Merit and received his  2nd Best of Breed, however, he was rather distracted by the gorgeous young Snowshoe girl in the pen next to him who was only just into adult classes. Liquorish was awarded his first Grand Master Cat Certificate and won Best of Colour and all of his side classes - a red card day for Ellie and Liquorish - congratulations!! He was also awarded Best in Show Household Pet Neuter, so is keeping the Pedigree cats in both food and cat litter with his prize winnings.

07/01/2012 - The Short Haired Cat Society and Snowshoe Cat Society Shows
A very good day for us. Idris got his two Merits and won 6 of his 8 classes. He had a red card day with the Short haired Cat Society where he was awarded Best of Breed - lovely comments too. Valdi got her Merit and was placed first in 3 of her 4 classes. Tilly got a first, second and third but was not very keen on being away from her Mum for the first time in her life. Liquorish got two Master Cat Certificates so is now a titled Master Cat. He was also awarded Best in Show Household Pet in both shows.
Snowshoe Adult Male Assessment – 2 entered - Mrs N Johnson
1 Merit RAMSDEN’S ADECISH SNOWSHOO IDRIS (83w), Seal Point, 15.03.10
A well balanced mature looking boy. His head forms a broad rounded wedge, with good width between medium ears set correctly.  Pleasing width across cheeks, straight nose in profile with flat plane above eyes. He has a well rounded muzzle of medium length, firm level chin (showing a touch of acne) & correct bite.  Expressive pale blue walnut shaped eyes are set correctly.  He is firm & muscular with a fairly long body, rounded chest, straight back with medium legs in proportion, ending in small oval paws. Tail of balanced length tapers slightly to the tip. His coat is moderately short & lies fairly close; it has a pleasing silky feel. Pattern comprised of an inverted white “V” to face, white throat & chest, white to all feet with well matched mitts & boots.  Darkish seal brown colouring to points with some beige shading on the body.  Well presented & prepared, a well mannered & handsome boy.
Snowshoe Adult Assessment Male - Mr S Parkin
1st BoB & MeritRamsden’s ADECISH SNOWSHOO IDRIS Seal Point, 15/03/10
Mature well grown boy .Muscular medium body.  Balanced legs and paws. Tail thick at the base with a gentle taper to the tip. Balances the body for length. Head shows a broad wedge with strong cheek bones.  Good profile, firm chin and a level bite. Medium ears of good shape and set. Eyes walnut shaped, well set and with a fair depth of colour. Coat short to medium in length dense with a resilient texture.  Preferred show pattern with even lines of white on the legs, inverted V symmetrical on the face.  Well prepared for the show and handled very well.

                                                                                               Idris at the Supreme 2011