Snowshoe kittens born - 1st March 2020
 Grand Champion Sapphirestar Oberon SNO n 05 x Sapphirestar Serendipity SNO a 05
(Oberon x Seren) 
Very pretty and very well handled kittens, 5th generation with a low inbreeding pedigree.
Dad is Grand Champion Snowshoe and Mum is a gentle first time mum with 1cc.
The kittens have excellent type and are super friendly as they are being raised as part of the family. As they are a big litter they were supplementary bottle fed from 2 weeks old alongside Mum feeding.
Mum is a beautiful and easygoing cat, Dad is a big gentle boy who is an excellent match for Mum.
Kittens will be GCCF registered, fully vaccinated and microchipped (Covid-19 permitting), comprehensively wormed and come with 4 weeks insurance with a generous kitten pack and all paperwork. Mum can be seen with her kittens.
Ready to leave 3rd June 2020.

Seal point Mitted boy kitten - Gone to his new home with Anette
Sapphirestar Abracadabra
Mittens is a gorgeous cheeky boy, into everything and a very forward kitten. A big boy and the definite ringleader of the litter. Could be shown in Snowshoe classes. 

Seal point preferred pattern boy kitten - Gone to his new home with Wendy

Anakin is sweet kitten. Not the largest kitten, but he eats well and is very active. Nice inverted V and pretty white socks.  A laid back personality and a gentle boy. Stunningly handsome and would likely do well on the show bench.



Seal colourpoint boy kitten - Gone to his new home with Kerry

Sapphirestar Arctic-Monkey

A lovely bold boy, always first for a cuddle or food . A big boy and loves his food. Monkey has a small tail kink. This is a congenital issue as a result of being squashed in the womb and does not cause him any problems, he is still an expert climber and can balance and express his moods with it. In fact it is rather cute. Marked with a black stripe.
Pet home only.

Seal colourpoint boy kitten - Gone to his new home with Fiona 

Sapphirestar Aramis

Aramis is a big bouncy boy very like his brother Amaretto and the two are inseperable at the moment. Marked with a blue stripe.
Very playful. Pet home only.

Seal colourpoint boy kitten - Gone to his new home with Jacob and family

Sapphirestar Amaretto

Amaretto is very like his brother Aramis and the two are always together. A gentle, sweet boy who takes his time to get to know you. Nice and cuddly one to one, but not as brave as his siblings in new situations. Marked with a red stripe.
Pet home only.

kitten in middle

Seal bi-colour girl kitten - Gone to his new home with Liz and family

Sapphirestar Adored

Dora is the smallest kitten at the moment and she has needed the most support.  Very playful and extremely well socialised she is completely confident and a little darling. Dora will not be available to reserve until after her first vaccinations and vet check.

Seal preferred pattern girl kitten - Staying here

Sapphirestar Arabella

Bella is a sweetheart and a very pretty kitten. As she is show pattern my plan is to keep her.

kitten at the bottom

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