Sapphirestar Cats            


21/04/19 - Someone wants to say Hi. This little kitten is very exciting as she is a first for the Snowshoe breed - more to follow......

11/02/18 - Congratulations to May and Indy on the birth of their boy kittens. A very unusual delivery as all three boys have a different birth date. One was born 22.40 on 09/02/18, one 13.40 on 10/02/18 and the third at approximately 05.00 on 11/02/18. All are doing well and Mum is very proud of them.

08/07/17 -  Our first show in 5 months went rather well. We had a brilliant day at the Kensington Cat Club and Eastern Counties Cat Society Show at Wood Green. Charlie won Best in Show Household Pet in the Kensington Show! He was so laid back and took it all in his stride, looking quiet at home in the winner's show pen. He took home two enormous rosettes and lots of kisses from Isabel. We were all so proud to see a Snowshoe in the best in Show pens, albeit a Snowshoe with no snow. Charlie beat 39 other cats including Olympians.
Hercules had a good day at his first adult show, winning two certificates and BOBs at only 9 months old. The big boy was very relaxed and was very tolerating of being handled by 6 judges.
                Charlie - Sapphirestar Chaos winning Best in Show 08/07/17                                                         Sapphirestar Hercules 2 x 1st and BOB

09/05/17 - We're having a blizzard!! Thankfully all our girls have now safely delivered their kittens.  It is peaceful and purry now, but it is going to be great fun (with a little bit of chaos) in a couple of months.
01/05/17 - Lady in waiting - Icedmocha Princess is due her kits today!

11.04.17 - Not long now for Elsa!  Days away from a flurry of snowkits we hope.

Champion Snowdust Elsa

14.02.17 - So excited to recieve this from GCCF - our May, Icedmocha Princess is now officially a Champion! Congratulations to her breeder Mary Brand.


22.10.16 - A lovely day at the NEC where Bob (Sapphirestar Blizzard) represented the Snowshoe Cat Society at the Supreme Cat Show. May (Icedmocha Princess) was a star too, winning 1st and BOB in her kitten class and being drawn 3rd in Best of variety foreign kitten out of 12 super kittens representing all the breeds in the Foreign Section.


19.03.16 - So proud of our lovely young blue point Snowshoes. Kimi and Elsa's Champion titles were confirmed when their certificates arrived today.


17.01.16 - A sad but happy day. Our lovely Champion Coldenufforsnow Jollity has gone to live the life of peace and tranquility that she deserves. Thank you to Sue for offering her the most perfect home. We are sad to see her go, but happy that Jolly can receive all the attention that she wants.

07.01.16 - I am so proud that Jollity is officially a Champion! Mollie Southall bred Jollity and (to the best of my knowledge) she is the only Coldenufforsnow cat to make Champion with GCCF.  Mollie's cats have had great success with TICA and FIFE and her lines appear in every UK Snowshoe's pedigree. Mollie worked so hard to ensure that the Snowshoe breed attained Championship status with GCCF. I am so pleased that at least one of Mollie's cats now has a GCCF title.

24.10.15 - A historic day for the Snowshoes - Icegems Ruby was made Best in Show Foreign Neuter at the Supreme Cat Show!! Ruby beat 17 cats of other breeds to the title. Congratulations to her owner and Breeder Anne Jones.

10.08.15 -
  Beautiful happy cats, fingers crossed for kittens in November 2015!

25.08.15 - So proud of my beautiful blue girls. Tundra, Jolly and Pimms have given birth to their kittens. All are absolute stars and are loving their babies. Jolly and Pimms even gave birth on the same evening. Pimms has given birth to our first singleton litter, As both Pimms and Dad Tally will now retire, we are hoping to keep the little dude.

18.07.15 - A lovely report on Gem at Eastern Counties show from Mrs Titterington - Gem is very special and he knows it.

04.07.15 -  Tundra's kittens have gone to their lovely forever homes this week, we wish them well but will miss them loads. An exciting day here as the lovely Elsa has come to join our family from Snowdust Snowshoes. Thank you to Vanessa for letting us have this gorgeous little girl. Photos to follow when she is a bit more settled in.

06.06.15 - History is made - Icegems Blue Steel (Blade) has become the first Imperial Snowshoe. Congratulations to his owner, Michael Wrigley and breeder Anne Jones. A super cat and definitely worthy of the accolade.

10.03.15 - Winter's report from the Croydon Cat Club show where she won Best in Show is now on the GCCF website. The Judge called her "absolutely adorable" - I couldn't agree more!

27.02.15 - I am so lucky to meet so many lovely people through the cats and it is so rewarding when kitten owners become friends.  So I was thrilled to receive this photo of her three handsome boys from my friend. Paint Pot, Bo and Benjie are all Sapphirestar cats and all are Siamese bloodlines. Bo (Sapphirestar Mr Bojangles) centre, is pure Siamese, Paint Pot (Sapphirestar Gold Medal) left,  is Siamese x BSH and little Benjie (Sapphirestar Quaint) right, is Siamese x Snowshoe.

14.02.15 - Well it is not very often that we win Best in Show, so today was a cloud 9 day. Winter (Sapphirestar Winter's Tale) won Best in Show Pedigree Pet at the Croyden Cat Club Show today. Such a lucky girl and I am so proud that the Judges loved her as much as we do.
10.02.15 - Sasha and her daughter Winter, they look so different apart, but there is a real family resemblance in this photo. Winter is only 3 months old, so it looks like she is going to be a big girl. I love the first generation outcrosses, Winter is British Shorthair x Snowshoe and you can see the hybrid vigour in her size already.

22.01.15 - Gem approves of the new cat tree - he has thoroughly tested it and is pleased to anounce that it is fit for purpose.


15.01.15 - Just weighed Sasha's kittens, she has done so well as a first time Mum raising a litter of 5.  At 12 weeeks old the smallest is 1.3kg and the biggest (Widget) is 1.5kg. Consistant weight gains and bright, busy kittens. Sasha is still feeding them but I am so proud that she has done a great job raising happy, well adjusted kittens.    
                                                                                                                                                              Sasha taking time out with Gem

21.12.14 - We said a sad goodbye to the lovely George today and wish him all the best for his new life in Poland.

06.12.14 - 7 weeks old and it's Sasha's kitten's photo shoot - when good kittens go bad -
From this -
To this -  To this - And finally -
                                    29.09.14 - Lovely reports from the BOB show for George, Cairo and Dancer -

27.09.14 - Tallulah has gone to her forever home, she is lucky to go to an experienced Snowshoe family who will love her loads. Tallulah was so easy and never any trouble she is greatly missed but I know she will be happy in her new home.

02.09.14 - A big welcome to Destrier Tundra who has joined us from Kelly in Plymouth. I already adore her and think she is one of the best type Snowshoe females I have seen in a while. Tundra brings a fantastic pedigree from imported and exported lines and I have no doubt that her kittens will be very exciting.

Tundra exploring the day pen in the September sunshine!
23.08.14 - So pleased to welcome Icedmocha Spirit - a super 2nd generation seal point Snowshoe girl. Spirit has settled in really well here and is playing with the other kittens like she's one of them. Spirit has a real look of her Dad (Sapphirestar Futuristic) at the same age and has fantastic blue eyes.

      Icedmocha Spirit                                            Sapphirestar Futuristic (Spirit's Dad)
16.07.14 - At the vets for vaccinations today. Idris had his booster and Hero, Sherlock and Talisman had their first vaccinations. Rather proud that Idris was there with his lovely sons and a Great Grandson! Probably about time that Idris realised that he is neutered now, he still acts like a total stud boy.

24.06.14 - My favourite picture of a Snowshoe ever!!!! Lady (Sapphirestar Heat Wave) lives in the South of France and has always gone out and about with her owners.

Credit to Adrien Perret
22.05.14 - Got to share a photo of my boy Idris taken today.


06.04.14 - Such a brilliant day for the four cats that we took to Wolverhampton for the Snowshoe Cat Society, Short Haired Cat Society and Midland Counties Show. Two Championship Certificates for George, one each for Summer and Sasha - these cats are only just 9 months old and Sasha was at her first ever show, we are so proud of them.  Best of all though, Ellie's homebred kitten Diamondice Dancer had a red card day and won Best of Breed and then Best in Show Kitten!!

26/03/2014 - Idris (Adecish Snowshoo Idris) has been neutered today. He has just turned 4 years old and has fathered many healthy kittens with superb temperaments. In order to ensure that he does not dominate the Snowshoe gene pool and to allow him to live as a pet rather than a stud boy I have had him neutered.

21/03/2014 - So excited, finally got to Plymouth without the car blowing up and collected the lovely Cairo from Kelly Cruise. He is just as handsome as his photos, looking forward to seeing if we can carry his super blue eyes through to some show pattern kittens - fingers crossed!

17/03/2014 - Received Frosty's Champion medal. So proud of my boy.

25/02/2014 - Good news, today we received the results of Princess Sasha's DNA test so now know that she is PKD normal. All our  cats are health tested to ensure that none of the genetic diseases known in other breeds are brought into the Snowshoe gene pool. Both our British Shorthair cats are normal for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) so no worries that their offspring will develop this unpleasant disease. All our Siamese cats are PRA negative so none of their offspring will lose their sight due to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

31/01/14 - Just received the official confirmation from GCCF of Frostbite's Champion status - so proud of my boy.

                                                                                                                                               Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite                       

01/12/2013 - Lovely to hear from Lady's family (Sapphirestar Heat Wave). What an exciting life for a kitten to go for a day out to the mountains near her home in the South of France.


23/11/2013 - A fab day out at the Supreme, Frosty won his first Championship Certificate and Best of Breed, beating his father Idris to second place and George took home a first in his kitten class. Link to the Judge report is here - 

12/11/2013 - Gem being very helpful while the girls are doing their homework.
"Sorry Miss, I couldn't do my homework as there was a cat sitting on it!"  

24/10/2013 - So sorry to learn that the great Ferry Vom Friedewald has passed away peacefully earlier this week. Such a sad loss of a superb Snowshoe, my thoughts go to Mollie who is missing him terribly. Ferry has been a superb stud passing on both his good looks and fabulous temperament to his offspring. I am proud to have his daughter Jollity who will carry on his lines, along with her son George.

20/10/2013 - We have a new addition of the canine rather the feline variety. Tetley the whippet puppy has arrived from Yorkshire. He is settling in very well, though is showing signs that he may think that he is a cat not a dog!


26/06/2013 - Time to Celebrate!! The Snowshoe will be promoted to Championship Status from 26/10/2013!
Finally the breed gets full recognition with the GCCF and can compete shoulder to shoulder with all the other breeds.

12/06/2013 - Your Cat Magazine features the Snowshoe - spot on with the personality!!



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