My Neutered Cats

GMC Liquorish
Black and white tuxedo pattern Moggie
Liquorish is one of our cats with free access to the outside, he comes and goes as he wishes, but always ends up on Ellie's bed overnight.  Liquorish is an avid hunter now we have moved to the country and occaisionally presents us with a live catch.  
Liquorish has competed in the household pet classes at many GCCF shows and is now a Grand Master Cat! He has been best in show three times, mainly due to his very laid back temperament.
He was born in 2009 and has been brought up here surrounded by our children and cats. Liquorish would like you to think he is a grumpy old uncle, but he can often be found cuddling up to the young cats.

IC Cleyview Winnie

Seal colourpoint & white British Shorthair
Ava is a colourpoint and white British Shorthair who is the most fun and friendly girl. She is a super cuddly and often sits in the sink waiting for someone to turn on the tap. We did get Ava a water fountain, but she still manages to spend rather a lot of time in the kitchen sink. Ava has turned into a proper lap cat and her lovely dense coat is a delight to stroke.
Ava received one merit and three Intermediate Certificates during her show career, so is now an Intermediate Champion.  Ava is PKD normal by DNA test and ECG tested clear for HCM.
Mother to Gem and Great, Great Grandmother to Jersey.

Sapphirestar Xanthippe
seal colourpoint Snowshoe
A lovely big girl with super blue eye colour. Pippa prefers the company of cats to humans. Pippa is a 2nd generation Snowshoe and a cinnamon carrier. Her Mum, Summer, is a Champion Snowshoe and Dad is the son of the gorgeous cinnamon point Siamese Spice. Neutered October 2016 after one litter.

IGMC Charlie
Sapphirestar Chaos
Seal tabby colourpoint Snowshoe 
Charlie is a very handsome boy and quite strong minded.  My daughter's special boy, I had no choice to but keep him, and he is a proper charmer.
Charlie's Dad is the Champion Snowshoe Destrier Cairo and his mum is my lovely Winter's Tale.   Charlie carries chocolate and had two litters before being neutered. Charlie has been awarded the title of Imperial Grand
Master Cat since he started showing in the Pedigree Pet section. He won Best in show Pedigree Pet Kitten in Feb 2016 and Overall Best in Show Household Pet July 2017 and March 2018.  PKD & PRA normal by DNA test. Father of Indy, Grandfather of Oberon and Posy.

4 months old

5 months old

18 months old

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