Minimese Jacob - Lilac point Siamese - 24c


Jackson is my very handsome Siamese ex stud boy, he is GCCF registered active and is proven.  He has sired some gorgeous kittens in his previous home. Jackson is a big healthy, cuddly boy with a gentle dignity - except when he is rolling on his back asking for his tummy to be tickled!

Jackson has a lovely sweet temperament and his kittens have inherited his confidence and love of people.  His moderate look has produced some lovely traditional Siamese kittens and brought new bloodlines to my Snowshoe outcross programme.  Jackson has sired two Siamese litters for me and I am delighted that they are all lovely big kittens and are stunning to look at. They have a very appealing Old Style look that is both moderate and healthy. His kittens are undoubtably Siamese but don't have the extreme look seen on today's show bench.  His kittens have been lap cats from 6 weeks of age and I am so proud to have bred kittens with the look and temperament that I like.

 Jackson kittens 2013 - kittens aged 4 and 7 weeks old - two litters shown in each photo.

tested Negative for FIV/FELV in June 2012. Jackson is on the GCCF active register and has his certificate of entirety is lodged with GCCF. He may carry the longhair gene.  Jackson has been DNA tested and is heterozygous (a carrier) for PRA (rAdc), this means that he may only be mated to cats who have been tested normal and 50% of his kittens may be carriers of the gene. Carriers of PRA will not develop the condition so Jackson will not be affected and as a responsible breeder I have tested my cats to ensure that he never produces an affected kitten.

Neutered September 2013