Champion Diamondice Snow Prince - the first GCCF blue point adult male Snowshoe Champion
Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite x Coldenufforsnow Jollity
3cc, 5 x BOB, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Certs
Now in Poland with Krzysztof of Snowshoe-pearls

George was born in July 2013, admist great excitment, a bit like his Royal namesake! George and Aurora (Karina) were my daughter's first litter and the first litter of her queen Jollity and my boy Frostbite.  George has a fantastic Pedigree, Mum was awarded 4 merits, Dad is the first Champion GCCF Snowshoe male and his Grandparents are the great Champion Ferry Vom Freidewald, Tica Champion Bitzaglitz Twinkletoes, Multiple merit winner Adecish Snowshoo Idris and Intermediate Champion Glittakitz Fudge. He is 5th generation Snowshoe.

George was awarded first in all his kitten classes including the Supreme 2013 he is happy and relaxed and always gets lovely comments from his judges. George had a great day at his first adult show being awarded two Challenge Certificates, he was then made up to Champion in three straight shows at just 9 months old.  George has since won Reserve Grand Champion in a strong class of 5 cats at the BOB show.   George is the first GCCF Blue Point Snowshoe Champion.  Judge report shown here.  George was awarded a Reserve Grand Champion Certificate in September 2014 and a Grand Champion Certificate and BOB at the Supreme Cat Show in November 2014.

George's first kittens born May 2014.  George is a total gentleman, very easy to do as he is confident and doesn't get stressed.  He is an effective stud siring 3 kittens to a maiden queen when he was only 7 months old. His second litter of four kittens were born August 2014, all have white on them. Summer%20x%20George%20Kits%20August%202014.html

George relocated to Poland in December 2014 to live with Krzyzstof, we wish them show success and as much fun as we ahve had with George, he is a big hearted cat and a sweetheart.

                                           George's first kittens born May 2014 super type considering Mum is a second generation Snowshoe                        Summer and George's kittens, the first UK Champion x Champion Snowshoe mating


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