Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite - Seal point preferred pattern Snowshoe boy
Adecish Snowshoo Idris x Glittakitz Fudge
Neutered June 2015

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Frostbite is the lovely result of my first two Snowshoes - Idris (9 Merits) and Alaska (Intermediate Champion). With Idris and Alaska as his parents he has had no choice but to be an outgoing little chap and he is really lovely. Frosty is 4th generation Snowshoe and a stunning example of the breed which has been confirmed in his show results.  He has produced two GCCF Champions, George and Dancer.

Frosty won 3 Merits as a kitten and was made Best in Show Kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society show in January 2013 against very tough competition
-  a red card day at his first ever show. So pleased that the Judges love him as much as we do.
Frostbite's Daughter - Champion Diamondice Dancer continued his success by being awarded 
Best in Show Kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society show in January 2014.  Frosty was awarded 2 IC and 2 BOB on his first outing as an adult at just 9 months and 4 days old - a very impressive result, made more so that he was judged by the GCCF President and an invited Judge from Germany.  He has since been awarded two more IC's by two more different Judges so qualifies as an Intermediate Champion.


Frosty was awarded his first Championship Certificate at the Supreme Cat Show November 2013. When he was awarded his 6th Best of Breed - beating his own dad to second place!  A further CC was awarded at the National Cat Club and then he was awarded his third CC at the Notts and Derby Cat Club making him the GCCF's first male Snowshoe Champion in three straight shows! Thank you to his Judges Mrs Brooks, Mrs Kaye and Mr Parkin.  Frosty will now retire from the show bench after being awarded 7 certificates in 7 straight shows and never being withheld on.  I am so proud that my lovely homebred boy has done his breed proud and made Snowshoe history.
Frostbite is a complete softy and is a great family cat, he loves his cuddles and has his Dad's ability to dribble a ping pong ball up the kitchen floor. Frosty is preferred (classic) pattern, though he has his Dad's trademark dark chin which is strongly expressed in these lines. Frosty was born in August 2012 is GCCF registered active and carries dilute. He is 4th generation Snowshoe and can be shown with GCCF or TICA.  His first kittens were born July 2013 and they are very nice kittens with white mittens and symmetrical face markings, his son George (Diamondice Snow Prince) and daughter Dancer (Diamondice Dancer) are both now Champions.  His second litter of 5 kittens are also big kittens and well marked. His third litter born December 2013 include both seal and blue kittens, three of whom are acceptable classic pattern.  Frosty has now had 9 litters of up to 6 good healthy kittens. His daughter Winter (Sapphirestar Winter's Tale) won Best in Show Pedigree Pet at the Croydon Cat Show in February 2015.
Frosty's Champion son Snow Prince  Frosty's son Logan (1st gen)    Frosty's son Castiel       Frosty's daughter Champion Dancer   Frosty's daughter Razzamatazz       Frosty's son Widget                   Frosty's son Topaz
Frosty has now retired as a stud boy and will become a neutered family pet.  He was a reliable, confident gentleman of a stud with an impeccable record with the ladies. He has sired litters of between 2 to 6 big healthy blue and seal point kittens.  

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