Our much loved pets no longer with us


My beautiful Splodge passed away peacefully at the age of 19 in June 2013.

She was the best cat ever and will be so sadly missed, but fondly remembered by us all.  
Much loved and greatly missed.


A loyal, tolerant boy, faithful and good.
A busy 14 years and a peaceful goodbye.

 RIP Oskar dog

Much missed and not forgotten
Windymeadow Radiohead

Wilf was a Blue colourpoint and white British Shorthair boy. He was the softest cuddliest cat you could meet. He was a total sweetheart and is very much missed by all who knew him. 

Glittakitz Fudge 3 IC 1 PC
Seal point Bi-colour Snowshoe
Alaska was my first Snowshoe and she is the reason that I breed them. She had the sweetest, most generous nature of any cat I have ever known.  Alaska loved people almost as much as she loved washing kittens.  She has passed her superb nature on to her kittens who are now cats.
Born 2008, retired from breeding 2012 but sadly left us on the road in 2014.
Alaska went to her first show at 5 years old and was the first neuter Snowshoe to be awarded an Intermediate Certificate.  She has done so much for the Snowshoe breed and her loss is devastating. Sadly missed and lovingly remembered my beautiful darling x

Alaska, Domino and Tilly

Sapphirestar Sprite -
Blue point preferred pattern Snowshoe
Sprite was a  beautiful 3rd generation Snowshoe girl.  She had stunning markings and a rare white tipped tail. Sadly Sprite was taken from us at less than a year old. She was the sweetest cat with the gentlest nature. She loved everyone and tolerated all even the most painful treatment. We are devastated to have lost her. RIP beautiful angel x

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