Snowshoe kittens born - 14th September 2018
 Sapphirestar Maverick SNO n 05 21 x Grand Champion Snowdust Elsa SNO a 05
(Monty x Elsa)
Super playful Snowshoe kittens, raised as part of the family.
Mum is a Grand Champion Snowshoe of superb type and pattern. Dad is a big friendly seal tabby point Male with super eye colour.
 The kittens are well handled, confident and very playful. Used to dogs, children and other cats.
The kittens are 4th generation Snowshoe seal tabbypoint and white boys. They are full Snowshoe and can be shown in Snowshoe breed classes.   The kits will be fully vaccinated, GCCF registered and come with 4 generation Pedigree, 4 weeks insurance and a comprehensive kitten pack. Mum and Dad can be seen. Kittens can be viewed and reserved. Ready to leave for their new homes 18th December 2018. Holidays honoured, but please remember it will be Christmas here too!

Seal tabby point preferred pattern boy kitten - Reserved for Ting and family
Sapphirestar  Quebec
Such a pretty blue eyed boy with gorgeous tabby markings. He is a confident, friendly kitten and very well socialised. Quebec is a stunning tabby who looks to be spotted tabby like his Dad. He is the biggest kitten and the pick of the litter. 

kitten bottom right

Seal tabbypoint preferred pattern boy kitten -
Staying here

Sapphirestar Quintessential

Almost the same pattern as his brother, but a smaller boy with less distinct tabby pattern.
Chester is staying here as a future stud and show cat as he carries chocolate.

kitten on the left

kitten top left

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