Champion Destrier Cairo - Blue point classic pattern Snowshoe boy
Adecish Snowcap-Elvis x Coldenufforsnow Valloir

Limited stud £300 - to active registered, suitably health tested queens

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Cairo is a very handsome blue point bi-colour boy with the most stunning beep blue eyes. Cairo has a fantastic pedigree and has low inbreeding, he is 5th generation and has some excellent cats in his background. We are very lucky that he is here and our thanks go to Kelly at Destrier cats for letting us have this very valuable boy.

Cairo's Mum is a Coldenufforsnow cat and winner of the Best in Show at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show in 2013 and Cairo has been very successful on the show bench himself, winning 3 Intermediate Champion Certificates and three Challenge Certificates in straight shows. He was made up to Champion in September 2014.  Cairo was born in May 2012, he is a proven sire producing Seal and Blue point kittens.  Judge report shown here


Cairo's second generation kittens born to Lottie in September 2014

Cairo is a sweet, gentle and sensitive boy and does not like much affection from people. However, he gets on very well with other cats and is a very gentle but effective stud. He is a gentleman and can be trusted with queens who are not calling. Tested negative to FeLV and FIV September 2014. DNA tested PKD normal and PRA normal Cairo does not carry longhair.
Cairo is only available to a limited number of suitably tested active registered queens.   £300 no kittens one free return. Please click here to see full stud terms and conditions.

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