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Welcome to Sapphirestar Cats.  

My name is Kate and I am a hobby breeder of super friendly GCCF Registered pedigree Snowshoe cats in the UK. 
Our kittens are born in our bedroom and are raised underfoot in our family home. My cats and kittens are happy, healthy, confident and much loved. All our kittens are sociable, active, playful and lively
and they make very rewarding companion cats
We have seal and blue point Pedigree Snowshoe boys and girls. Both pure bred Snowshoes and those descended from Siamese and British Shorthair cats, who have brought new bloodlines to the Snowshoe breed. They live with our neutered BSH Ava, Moggie Liquorish, Ava's son Master Cat Gem and Muddy-pawed Snowshoe Grand Master Cat Charlie. 
I am lucky to own 3 homebred Snowshoe stud boys - seal point Sapphirestar Indianapolis, as well as up and coming young seal tabby point boys Sapphirestar Maverick and Loki. 

18th March 2018
Snowshoe kittens born February 2018
Hercules and Cameo's kits born December 2017         
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Sapphirestar Cats - Breeding Champion Snowshoes

Champion Sapphirestar Frostbite - the first male Snowshoe Champion
Champion Diamondice Snow Prince - the first blue point male Snowshoe Champion
Champion Sapphirestar Summer Days - seal point female Snowshoe Champion
Master Cat Gem (Sapphirestar Iced Gem) - chocolate point male Snowshoe Pedigree Pet
Champion Diamondice Dancer - the first blue point female Snowshoe Champion
Champion Sapphirestar The Phantom - blue point male Snowshoe Champion
Champion Sapphirestar Eskimo Kisses - blue point male Snowshoe Champion
Champion Sapphirestar Yeti - seal point male Snowshoe Champion
Grand Master Cat Charlie (Sapphirestar Chaos) - seal tabby point male Snowshoe Pedigree Pet
Grand Champion Sapphirestar Hercules - the first male Snowshoe Grand Champion
Champion Sapphirestar Jersey Girl - seal point female Snowshoe Champion

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